WoahBox SLA Credit Policy

At WoahBox we understand that having your website online and accessible is critical to the success of your business. It’s for this reason that WoahBox believes customers should receive exactly what they purchase, 100% Uptime!.  As part of our customer loyalty program WoahBox has implemented the following SLA policy.

Should WoahBox’ network or hardware infrastructure face any form of downtime customers will be compensated for the downtime at a rate based on their hosting rate. In the event of unscheduled or emergency maintenance WoahBox will compensate at 3x the hosting rate (Outage Windows rounded to nearest hour). Let’s review:

Compensation Rates:
Scheduled Maintenance: 1x Rate.
Unscheduled or Emergency Maintenance: 3x Rate.

Compensation Examples:

  1. Scenario #1:
    – Monthly Shared EcoSite Starter Customer ($9.95/month)
    – Unscheduled Maintenance Lasting 1.5 Hours Total Compensation: $0.08
    Determine Daily Rate: $9.95 / 30.42 (Standard Average Days per Month) = $0.327 Day
    Determine Hourly Rate: $0.327 / 24 (Standard Hours per Day) = $0.0136
    Determine Compensation Rate: $0.0136 * 2 (Rounded to Nearest Hour) * 3 ( Compensation Rate)  = $0.08
  2.  Scenario #2:
    – Monthly Reseller Seed Customer ($19.95/month)
    – Scheduled Maintenance Lasting 6 HoursTotal Compensation: $0.16
    Determine Daily Rate: $19.95 / 30.42 (Standard Average Days per Month) = $0.655 Day
    Determine Hourly Rate: $0.655 / 24 (Standard Hours per Day) = $0.0273
    Determine Compensation Rate: $0.0273 * 6 (Rounded to Nearest Hour) * 1 ( Compensation Rate) = $0.16

Compensation Exclusions:

  1. WoahBox SLA compensations only apply to service outages monitored & confirmed by WoahBox. Third Party monitoring tools are not acceptable as proof of outage.
  2. Credits eligible by request for a period of seven days after confirmed resolution of outage.
  3. VPS & Dedicated Servers excluded from above compensation policy with exception of Upstream/Networking outages.
  4. Outages caused by resource abuse (exceeding set resources), suspensions are excluded from the above compensation policy.
  5. Extended Outages resulting from use of third party DNS Services excluded from above compensation policy.
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